Tim Kaine: ‘I Really Haven’t Shifted My Position’ on TPP

‘I really haven’t shifted my position’

KAINE: "You know, Alisyn, I really haven't shifted my position on that. I did vote a year ago for the - what's called the fast track, Trade Promotion Authority, to give the president the power to negotiate the best trade deal he could. But when I voted for it at the time I said two things. One, I'm not declaring where I am on the TPP until it's done. Remember, when we voted a year ago, the negotiation wasn't done. And, secondly, I said, there is one issue connected with the TPP that I'm very worried about, which is the right of corporations to challenge unfair trade practices in private courts without giving labor unions and environmental groups and others the same right. I put that on the table a year ago and I said, as you're working this deal out, you've got to answer my concern."

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