Kilmeade on Michelle Obama: ‘I Just Wish We Could Have One Speech Without a Reference to Slavery’

Carlson: ‘Actually, I thought her speech was appalling’

KILMEADE: "The headliner, of course, is Michelle Obama, who did fine. But I just wish we could have one speech without a reference to slavery."
CARLSON: "Actually, I thought her speech was appalling. And I know we’re required by law to pretend it was great and uplifting. It was a nasty, partisan speech posing as a speech about family. And there’s a kind of moral blackmail involved when she speaks. She’s the president’s wife. She’s a father — mother of two attractive daughters. Seems like a good mother. So you’re not really allowed to tell the truth, which is she’s a nasty, bitter partisan. And that’s what she is."

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