MSNBC: ‘Bernie Sanders Will Not Personally Nominate’ Hillary Clinton

‘This would be done by the Vermont delegation and not Bernie Sanders himself’


O'DONNELL: “I can now tell you that the plan as it stands right now is that Bernie Sanders will not personally nominate Hillary Clinton in tonight’s role call of states. Instead, the plan, according to sources, is that the Vermont delegation will ask to go last and that means that all of the Clinton and Sanders delegate numbers will have been announced to this convention, and then Vermont will ask that Hillary Clinton, by unanimous proclamation, be nominated as the candidate for the Democratic Party. That would in effect wash out all of the Sanders delegates and unite the party. So, there has been some reporting, there has been some conversation that would Sanders somehow step into another public role. He will be in the family box tonight. He will not personally step in in this way, but he will ask his own Vermont delegation to make it official for Hillary Clinton with a unanimous nomination of all of the delegates in this arena to place her name on the ticket for the presidency of the United States."

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