Sen. Chris Murphy: I Don’t Have Any Problem With Harry Reid Smearing Republicans

‘Somebody has to push back’

Greta Lights Up Chris Murphy On Harry Reid’s Koch Comments (Washington Free Beacon)

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren tore into Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D., Nev.) smear of the Koch brothers Tuesday evening.

Van Susteren repeatedly pressed Murphy on the Senate Majority Leader’s comments last week where Reid asserted all of the “Obamacare horror stories” in Koch affiliated ads are untrue. 

Murphy countered Reid walked that statement back and conceded “some people will have bad experiences” under the Affordable Care Act.

The FNC host interjected she had not heard Reid recant his blanket charge that all of the Koch Obamacare ads are lies.

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