MSNBC: Baton Rouge Killer Expressed Anger over Killings of Black Men by Police

‘He was a data information specialist in the military’

JANSING: "He was a data information specialist in the military. Obviously, carried that over. Not only with a blog, but podcasts. One of those podcasts he was expressing his anger with the shootings of black men by police officers posting very recently 100% of rvolutions have been successful through fighting back through a bloodshed. Yesterday he came here along airline highway in Baton Rouge. The crime scene has been cleared, but they have also investigated in Kansas City where he is from. They went to the door of his house. Someone came to the door with a gun and taken into custody. He is being questioned. So, while we wait for a news conference this afternoon to get the very latest, three men remain hospitalized. Three police officers, as you said. One remaining in critical condition. Willie?"

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