Buck Sexton Blows up at Professor Who Claims ISIS Isn’t ‘Coming After Us’

‘This notion you have in your head that when I say us, I’m referring to what? Republican Americans?’

Buck Sexton Blows Up at Professor Who Claims ISIS Isn’t ‘Coming After Us’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

CNN contributor Buck Sexton had a heated exchange with a professor on CNN Thursday after the latter said the Islamic State terrorist organization wasn’t “coming after us” and kept insisting that Sexton didn’t believe the majority of ISIS victims were Muslims.

Mia Bloom, a Georgia State professor, said attacks like the one in Nice, France, Thursday night were demonstrative of its efforts to stay relevant while its caliphate was slipping away. She remarked the horrific truck attack also increased the “degree of right-wing politics” and “Islamophobia” before going into an attack on Sexton.

“I do disagree with Mr. Sexton, because the fact is, and I’ll say this to you, Buck, directly, the vast majority of ISIS’ victims are Muslim,” she said angrily. “Not us. Not the West.”

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