Scarborough Hits Bret Baier for Softball Trump Question: ‘That’s Some Hard Interviewing!’

‘My boy Bret Baier really had to pull that one out of Trump, didn’t he?’

Scarborough Jabs at Fox’s Baier For Softball Trump Question: ‘That’s Some Hard Interviewing!’ (Mediaite)

Months after his own slew of accusations that he had been too buddy-buddy with Donald Trump, MSNBC morning host Joe Scarboroughtook a quick swipe at a rival network’s anchor for what he perceived as being a soft interview question.

The Republican presumptive nominee sat down with Bret Baier of Fox News Wednesday to address the controversy surrounding Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “There’s almost something wrong with her,” said Trump to Baier. “I don’t think anybody’s ever seen that before,” making reference to the SCOTUS elder’s loosely-flying opinions about the candidate.

“So are you questioning her mental capacity, or…?” prompted Baier.

“Yeah. I think I am. I think I’m perhaps questioning her mental capacity,” said Trump in the exchange.

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