Trump on Releasing Tax Returns: ‘It Could Happen if the Audit Is Finished’

‘Nobody would do that under audit and everybody understands that’

TRUMP: "Mitt Romney didn't want to give his tax returns. He fought like crazy. Then Harry Reid told a vicious lie that was untrue. And then Mitt Romney, very, very late, decided to give his tax returns. Now, remember this, I'm under audit. It's a routine audit. Nobody would do that under audit and everybody understands that. But he gave those tax returns and they were fine. He was destroyed. They went through his returns, which were peanuts compared to what I have. You saw the stacks of paper. He gave his returns, and they found little items, little items in those returns that were nothing." 
BAIER: "You know other candidates have done it. So it's not going to happen?"
TRUMP: "Oh, it could happen if the audit is finished."

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