Jason Riley: Obama ‘Has Talked out of Both Sides of His Mouth’ on Race Relations and Cops

‘Police are involved in a tiny percentage of black shooting deaths in this country — the president knows that’

RILEY: "I understand the president probably feels he needs to go to Dallas and speak there on behalf of the families this memorial. But I think I really heard enough of the president on this issue. I think most of the country has. He — some people call it nuances. I call it equivocation. He has talked out of both sides of his mouth on this issue from day one. The cops acted stupidly in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We need to — you know, we need law and order on the streets. You need to sympathize, empathize with the black lives matter movement and their grievances. He wants to have it both ways. He's equivocated from day one. What he has done is play into this false scenario winking at the black lives matter movement, treating them as modern day NAACP circa 1955, which they are not. And playing into this narrative that there's racial animus on the part of police that is driving the black homicide rate in this country. That is just blatantly false and untrue. Police are involved in a tiny percentage of black shooting deaths in this country. The president knows that, but he does not want to talk about it because is he worried about his left wing constituency, about the black vote, so he would rather scapegoat cops. That’s what he has done and the media has been an enabler."

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