Toobin: Email Scandal ‘Was a Dagger Aimed at the Heart’ of Clinton’s Camp and She Avoided It

‘It’s an enormous relief for Hillary Clinton and her campaign’

TOOBIN (voice-over): “It’s an enormous relief for Hillary Clinton and her campaign. This was a dagger aimed at the heart of her campaign, and she has avoided being charged, simple as that. I also think it’s worth focusing on what Director Comey said about the nature of these sorts of charges. It is only — these cases have only been brought when there has been knowing and intentional violation of the rules of classified information. There have only been these cases when documents clearly marked classified have been disclosed, or documents that the discloser knew were classified. Here, the issue of intent is critical. She has said publicly undoubtedly she said in her interview, she never intentionally disclosed classified information. The FBI found nothing to refute that, and that’s why she wasn’t charged.”

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