Brzezinski: Everything ‘Seems Very Concocted to Protect’ Hillary Clinton

‘Everyone I talk to in Clinton world seems very relaxed about where things stand’

HALPERIN: "We don’t know some basic things we often know about investigations at this stage. For one thing, is she subject to recall? A lot of times with high-profile witnesses like this, David Kendall, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer may have negotiated to say you get one crack at her, one time to sit with her. Take as long as you want but that’s it. We don’t know whether she’s coming back or not. We also don’t know if prosecutors are looking for a crime here or run influence and say we investigated and there’s no crime at all. Prosecutors generally when they investigate a case want an indictment. We don’t know what their mind-set is towards this. Everyone I talk to in Clinton world seems very relaxed about where things stand."

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