Don Lemon: Yesterday, 'Obama Became the Black President'

'He became the black president, and that's not such a bad thing'

CNN’s Don Lemon: Yesterday, Obama ‘Became the Black President’ (Mediaite)

CNN anchor Don Lemon became visibly emotionalon Thursday after President Barack Obamaannounced an initiative aimed at helping minority youth to graduate from high school and train for careers. On Friday, Lemon expanded on his impressions, telling CNN anchor Carol Costellothat Obama “became the black president” in that moment. 

“It sounds like a great program,” Costello remarked. “But, Don, as you well know, it takes more than money and programs to solve racism.”

“Do you think the president will continue to be vocal, to be blunt, since his term is ending?” she asked. “Is this a time to be America’s black president?”

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