Noah: Hillary and Liz Warren Used to Have Bad Blood, Now They Have Mad Love

‘People can spend years [bleep] each other and then when it suits their needs, a flippity flopper’

NOAH: "But getting Elizabeth Warren to campaign with Hillary is a really big deal. First of all Warren is one of the leading voices in the fine arts of trolling Donald Trump and she's also probably one of the country's top progressive icons today, it's basically Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Flo. That's it. Now that's Progressive. So Clinton's main challenge is to unify the country. And this new alliance with Warren is a good sign she might be able to do it. Because until recently, they hated each other."
TOOBIN: "Elizabeth Warren has ripped Hillary Clinton in the past ... In in her book about bankruptcy. I mean there is real-- some real poisonous history."
WARREN: "The credit card companies, she has taken money from the groups and more to the point, she worries about them as a constituency."
[end video]
NOAH: "Yeah, but she only said those things because she was hungry. People say crazy things when they're hungry. Once I asked my wife for a divorce when I was hungry, yeah, and I'm not even married. You see how crazy hunger makes you? You know, this is genuinely what I love about politics in America. People can spend years [bleep] each other and then when it suits their needs, a flippity flopper. I believe this is what political scientists refer to as reverse Taylor Swift-ing. They used to have bad blood but now they have mad love."

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