Granholm Has Trouble Defending Clinton’s Wall Street Ties

‘Hillary Clinton has got the most aggressive strategy to rein in Wall Street, to regulate the shadow banking system’

Granholm Has Trouble Defending Clinton’s Wall Street Ties (The Washington Free Beacon)

Hillary Clinton surrogate Jennifer Granholm had trouble defending Clinton’s ties to Wall Street during an interview on Monday.

Granholm spoke with MSNBC host Tamron Hall soon after Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) participated in a rally for the first time together.

“Listen, it’s one thing to get caught up in the moment of those two women walking out together … Senator Warren talked a lot about Wall Street,” Hall said. “You have some progressives who say, how can she support Hillary Clinton so passionately when we know that the Democratic nominee has been greatly associated with Wall Street from the speeches and other issues of trust that still exist?”

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