Planned Parenthood Pres. on SCOTUS: ‘This Case Is Huge,’ ‘Big Day for Women’

‘It’s really wonderful to have this victory today by the Supreme Court’

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The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, is celebrating today's Supreme Court ruling on abortion as a "huge victory for women." 

The case, which challenged a Texas law requiring abortion clinics to adhere to hospital-grade health standards, enables Planned Parenthood to begin challenging abortion restrictions in other states, Richards said.

Here's a rush transcript:

RICHARDS: "Look, this was a huge victory for women today. The women of Texas, frankly women all across the country. And really applaud the senator that brought this suit and then the dozens of folks like planned Parenthood who filed supporting briefs. This case is huge. This 5-3 victory means that now women will be able to actually access safe and legal abortion in Texas, in many areas of the state. And of course that doctors who have been prevented from providing medical care will finally be able to care for women again. It’s a really big day for women."
MITCHELL: "And what about the other states that have similar, there are 12 states that have similar restrictions? Do you expect that people will begin challenging those one by one?"
RICHARDS: "Absolutely. I mean this is — what this means now, I think the court has spoken decisively about the laws that have been passed in order — that have nothing to do with women’s health, but in fact passed just in order to make it more difficult for women to make their own decisions about their presentations. What this means is we can now challenge these, not only in court, but work to repeal them, state by state, again, there is just no way to overstate what an important victory this was. And I think it really underscored the court’s decision showed how much women have suffered in the state of Texas under these — under this law. You know, it was really just about three years ago that thousands of people went to the capital, day after day and of course senator Wendy Davis held her famous 13-hour filly buster. This has been a law that was never supported by the people of Texas. It was wrongly passed. And it’s really wonderful to have this victory today by the Supreme Court." 

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