Andrea Mitchell on Hillary/Elizabeth Warren Combo: ‘It Really Seemed Like Magic’

‘The chemistry looked very real ... even their colors seemed to match’

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Andrea Mitchell appeared near-giddy following her attendance at Hillary Clinton's rally with Sen. Elizabeth Warren Monday. Calling the event "great fun," MSNBC's Mitchell said it seemed like there was "magic on that stage."

"The chemistry looked very real," Mitchell told Anita Dunn, "even their colors seemed to match!"

Here's a rush excerpt:

MITCHELL: "I want to bring in former white House communications director and senior Obama campaign advisor, Anita Dunn in Washington. You watched this event, it did seem like magic on that stage."
DUNN: "Andrea, it’s hard to describe. I think that — but I think Democrats across the country probably looked that the event and thought they saw a pretty good winning ticket for the fall. The chemistry looked very real. The arguments worked very well, and there was a sense of them being complimentary in the same way that Bill Clinton and Al gore always looked complimentary to each other as well."
MITCHELL: "Even their colors seemed to match."
DUNN: "I wasn’t going to go there."
MITCHELL: "I know, I know."

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