General Hayden: 'The Real One Percent' Are Those 'Defending the Other 99 Percent'

Hayden slammed Chuck Hagel and other administration officials for their proposed sweeping military cuts

Gen. Mike Hayden Jabs at Inequality Rhetoric: Real 1% are Those Who ‘Defend the Other 99%’ (Mediaite)

Former Director of National Intelligence Gen. Mike Hayden joined the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday morning where he tore into the administration for enacting sweeping cuts to the budgets of the armed forces. Hayden took a swipe at the rhetoric surrounding the debate over inequality in the process, saying that the real 1 percent in this country are those who “defend the other 99 percent” of Americans. 

Hayden said that the budget cuts to the armed forces will reduce America’s ability to respond to threats in the next decade. He added that America’s ability to carry out a successful two-front war has been “beyond our reach for a while now.”

“Now the other ones, that’s going after the entitlements of the military forces and the families,” Hayden said. “We talk a lot about the one percent. Let me give you another sense of one percent; 1 percent of the country has defended the other 99 percent of this country for the last 13 years.”

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