Trump Spox Pierson Compares Trump to Walt Disney, Henry Ford

‘It’s actually not a long list when you’re looking at all of the businesses that Mr. Trump has been in, and look at Walt Disney — he wasn’t successful in all of his adventures’

Trump Spox Pierson Compares Trump to Walt Disney, Henry Ford (The Washington Free Beacon)

Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson compared her boss to Walt Disney and Henry Ford while discussing his checkered business past on Tuesday.

After presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton criticized Trump’s acumen and history of filing for bankruptcy in a speech on Tuesday, Pierson replied that Trump also had a long track record of business success and Clinton has “built absolutely nothing” in her career.

“It’s Donald Trump that has created tens of thousands of jobs over the last few decades, and this is exactly why he’s winning on the economy,” Pierson said.

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