Weaver Dodges if Sanders Will Support Clinton, But Says Will Support Nominee

Heilemann: ‘The nominee is Secretary Clinton in this case’

Weaver Awkwardly Dodges If Sanders Will Support Clinton, But Says Will Support Nominee (The Washington Free Beacon)

Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver would not say that Sanders (I., Vt.) would support Hillary Clinton, but would say that he would support the Democratic nominee in an interview Thursday.

With All Due Respect host John Heilemann pointed out that Weaver said Sanders had stopped actively campaigning and is not trying to flip superdelegates. Clinton has already surpassed a number of delegates to secure the nomination.

Weaver said that they’d like to get to a place where they could support the nominee.

“The nominee is Secretary Clinton in this case,” Heilemann said. “You’ve basically conceded. You’re not trying to switch super delegate votes. You have no plans to do that.  So, you’re basically saying Secretary Clinton is the presumptive nominee at this point and trying to get to the point where you can be behind her?”

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