Ralph Peters Blasts Clinton over Emails: ‘Petraeus Stole a Candy Bar, Clinton Robbed Fort Knox’

‘Good intelligence agencies don’t leave footprints; You don’t know they’re reading your stuff’

Ralph Peters Blasts Clinton Over Emails: Petraeus Stole a Candy Bar, Clinton Robbed Fort Knox (The Washington Free Beacon)

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (U.S. Army, Ret.) blasted Hillary Clinton on Friday over her use of a private email server and the revelation that some of her emails dealt with classified drone strikes.

While appearing on Fox Business Network, Peters commented on the sensitivity of the operations involved and how dangerous her use of the private server was.

“The thing that struck me is these emails were about drone strikes before they happened,” co-host David Asman said. “If somebody had gotten into that private server of hers, through which these emails traveled, somebody would have had information about a strike before it happened, right?”

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