David Brock Defends Clinton’s Foreign Cash: ‘No Evidence that the Money Influenced Decisions’

‘Politico did an investigation just weeks ago and found [Trump has] ties to the organized crime to the Russian mob’


DAVID BROCK: "Is this Donald Trump’s playbook? And if it is, he’s going to come up short, just as the author of this book came up short a year ago. Donald Trump is certainly the wrong messenger for anti-corruption story and the Clinton Foundation tried to help people in need. Look at that compared to Trump University and the scam that was pulled. 

They did. Sure, and in fact, they built on it, but what did they come up with? They didn’t come up with anything more than what he came up with. The book was taken seriously by the mainstream media. Look, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal took leads from the book and looked in it for months and found quote, ‘no wrongdoing.’ So the book has been aired. It’s had its days in the sun and it did nothing."

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