Clinton Surrogate Struggles to Defend Poor Poll Numbers

‘Look, let’s see the Democratic Party consolidate here, which I believe it will’

Clinton Surrogate Struggles to Defend Poor Poll Numbers (The Washington Free Beacon)

Joel Benenson, the chief strategist for the Hillary Clinton campaign, struggled Wednesday to defend Clinton against poor poll numbers.

CNN co-host Kate Bolduan showed Benenson some recent Quinnipiac University polls on various traits. Several of these polls show Trump beating Clinton. Benenson then struggled to explain why Clinton is still leading Trump.

“Let’s go to the polls and see what the voters are saying these days. When you look at, we’re working off the Quinnipiac polls that came out recently, when you look at them, Hillary Clinton has almost the same unfavorable rating,” Bolduan said. “Hillary Clinton loses with independents to Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton loses on the question of honest and trustworthy. Hillary Clinton loses on who is more inspiring, Joel. What are you going to do about that?”

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