Trump in 2014 on Women in the Army: ‘It Is Bedlam’

‘It’s something that people aren’t talking about but what’s going on is bedlam, bringing women in the army’

Trump In 2014 On Women In The Army: “It Is Bedlam” (BuzzFeed)

In a 2014 interview, Donald Trump lamented that the presence of women in military academies and in the army had led to chaos.

Trump was being interviewed by Michael D’Antonio for the book, The Truth About Trump, and—in an audio recording of the interview obtained by BuzzFeed News—discussing how his life at the New York Military Academy was different from the drug-fueled counterculture of the 1960s, before pivoting to the current state of the army.

“I went to a military academy, which was from a different planet,” Trump said. “We didn’t have women in the academy at that time. Today you have women, which is a whole other story, women in the army and you see what’s going on. It’s like bedlam.”

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