CNN’s Beckel, Toobin Shrug off Anti-Trump Violence: ‘It’s Not that Big a Deal’

‘I just don’t think anybody should, you know, can think that this is a bigger deal than it is’

CNN’s Beckel, Toobin Shrug Off Anti-Trump Violence: ‘It’s Not That Big a Deal’ (NewsBusters)

To counter vicious leftist anti-Trump protests on Thursday night, CNN’s Don Lemon brought on liberals who made excuses for it or blamed Trump. Democrat pundit Bob Beckel blamed Trump: “It reflects badly on people who are against Trump but you'll get that kind of thing when you get inflammatory statements like Trump makes and you're going to find people in any group of protesters, you're going to have a percentage of people who are just very angry and out of control.”

Trump backer Kayleigh McEnany was on hand to disagree, but CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin protested “Let’s not get carried away” in denouncing the protests, so what if one guy got his hat knocked off?  “One person getting hurt is unacceptable, but it's one person.”

What if that one person was Jeffrey Toobin? The Golden Rule goes out the window when the leftists get out of control and a “percentage of people” get violent. McEnany shot back "The last guy who got his hat knocked off and picked it up and tried to get it back was beaten to a pulp and was taken off the scene with blood rushing down his face." 

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