Bakari Sellers: Hillary Followed the Same Protocol that Colin Powell Followed

‘Colin Powell used a separate e-mail to conduct State Department business’

COSTELLO: "Bakari, he’s right about that. He’s under federal investigation and it’s a civil suit brought against Trump University."
SELLERES: "You’re right, one is a civil suit and one is an investigation but the fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton followed the same protocol that Colin Powell followed —"
EPSTHEYN: "That is incorrect, Bakari."
SELLERS: "This is not anything new. And, you know, the investigation will shake out and we’ll have an answer to that sooner rather than later we hope. And everything looks to be that Hillary Clinton is going to be cleared of any wrongdoing or criminal wrongdoing, but that being said, we started this conversation talking about the brashness of Donald Trump, and we have these moments, whether or not it’s this trump University, whether or not it’s his casinos and the taj Mahal coming under the bankruptcy filings which will be released sooner as well, or anything that will happen next week with Donald Trump. I think that is the point. He is so unpredictable, and he’s proven to be a con artist that we don’t know what’s going to happen next with Donald Trump."
EPSTHEYN: "Hold on. The statement that former secretaries of state have done the same is incorrect and have proven to be incorrect. Colin Powell had a separate e-mail, not a separate server."
SELLERS: "He used a separate e-mail to conduct State Department business. That’s a fact."
EPSTHEYN: "But not a separate server where half the e-mails have disappeared. “The Washington Post” says that’s a lie."
SELLERS: "There’s been no secretary of state and Hillary Clinton has come forward and provided 55,000 e-mails. 55,000. There’s been no secretary of state, there’s been no one who has actually done that. While we’re on this —"
EPSTHEYN: "Thousands of e-mail have not been provided."
SELLERS: "What about Donald Trump and his taxes?"

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