Hegseth Rips VA Secy’s Disney Remark: Obama ‘Lackey’ Hasn’t Fixed the Problems

‘Wait times are just as long as they’ve always been and he’s done nothing to fix it’

Hegseth Rips VA Secy's Disney Remark: Obama 'Lackey' Hasn't Fixed the Problems (Fox News Insider)

On "America's Newsroom" today, Pete Hegseth went off on Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald for comparing VA wait times to the time people wait for rides at Disneyland.

"When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or what's important? What's important is, what's your satisfaction with the experience?" McDonald said yesterday to reporters.

Hegseth pointed out that health care is much different and much more serious than going on amusement park rides.

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