Lewandowski: As Soon as the Audit Is Done, Trump Will Release His Taxes

‘And you’re not going to learn anything from someone’s taxes’

COOPER: "The campaign announced Donald Trump made another filing with federal election commission, out doing big numbers in terms of income and net worth. Those filings do not provide the same kind of information, the same transparency that a tax return does. Every other candidate in the past, though not legally required, put out tax returns. Why not release those? I mean, though you say that he’s being audited, there’s nothing restricting him, somebody from being audited from releasing their returns." 
LEWANDOWSKI: "Well, look, he’s under routine audit, everyone knows that, he’s been clear. Greta said as an torn she would never recommend to release taxes under routine audit. What you find in the statement, Donald Trump filed the largest personal financial disclosure statement in the history of presidential candidates when Bernie Sanders had to ask for extension. It’s a difference between a businessman and politician who talks about things getting done. Net income excess of $500 million. He’s grown an amazing company. And you’re not going to learn anything from someone’s taxes. What you’ll learn is their income is for one year. What you see here, Donald Trump released that information. I don’t know what secrets you’re going to find. You can’t release your taxes under routine audit. As soon as the audit is done he will release taxes." 
COOPER: "You are going to understand yearly income, you’re also going to understand charitable giving, which is something your campaign has touted." 
LEWANDOWSKI: "He’s released his yearly income. In Na personal financial statement, it’s in there. I don’t know what else you’re looking for. It’s over half a billion this year in income and it’s released in the personal financial disclose sure statement. It’s more detailed than a tax form. Available to anyone online. You can see all of the businesses, 500 — giving, also through his foundation which is available." 

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