Trump Spox Defends Record with Women: ‘His Own Wife Endorsed Him’

‘Hillary Clinton campaign is placating to emotions’

Pierson Defends Trump’s Record With Women: ‘His Own Wife Endorsed Him’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson defended her candidate’s record with women Tuesday by pointing out that his wife Melania has endorsed him for the presidency.

Pierson, responding to a new Democratic ad attacking Trump for controversial remarks about women, rejected CNN host Wolf Blitzer’s idea that the billionaire’s past language would “come back to haunt him,” according to Politico.

“Women aren’t emotional voters, and I think it’s an insult, particularly for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to try to push a narrative somehow thinking that women just aren’t going to care about illegal immigration,” she said. “They’re not going to care that ISIS is expanding and did under Hillary’s watch and that they’re not going to care about jobs and the economy just because the Hillary Clinton campaign is placating to emotions. I think that’s insane.

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