The Daily Show: Once Every Four Years, the GOP Pretends to Care About Latinos

‘And then we vote Democrat — it’s a time-honored tradition like a ... Kinko de Mayo’

NOAH: If Latinos don't like Trump, then can't they just vote Democrat?
COSSIO: That's not the point, Trevor. Latinos and Republicans have a deal. Once every four years they pretend to care about us and we're like oh my god, really? Me? No. And then they're like yeah, you're right, no. And then we vote Democrat. It's a time-honored tradition like a quins air or a Kinko de Mayo.
NOAH: You mean Cinco de Mayo.
COSSIO: No a Kinko de Mayo is where we all get together and fax a bunch of [bleep] at Kinko's. Last year I woke up naked on top of a flatbed scanner.
NOAH: I don't even know what that means.
COSSIO: I [bleep] a scanner, Trevor.

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