Rep. Chris Collins: Trump Is a ‘Chief Executive; He’s Not a Career Politician’

‘Let’s started talking about fair and balanced trade not this free trade nonsense like NAFTA’


DICKERSON: "For more on the relationship between Republican party and Donald Trump we’re joined by three Republican members of Congress, representative Marcia Blackburn is in Nashville, this morning. Peter king is on Long Island and first house member to support Donald Trump representative Chris Collins. Other that he’s not Hillary Clinton that specifically about Donald Trump that Republicans should unify around?" 
COLLINS: "First of all he’s a chief executor. Not career politics. We need someone coming out of the private sector, certainly someone who has been a chief executive. We’ve seen what happened with legislator, Barack Obama, L imperial presidency the last seven and half years. The reason I through my weight behind Donald Trump 11 weeks ago when I was was Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio he was the only chief executive. That is very important attribute with everything this nation is facing. That’s what drove me there with his issues on trade, we’ve been in the trade war for 20 years it’s going to continue other countries will try to continue to steal our jobs. We’ve got to have a president who is going to stand up, bring those jobs back, let’s started talking about fair and balanced trade not this free trade nonsense like NAFTA."

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