Reporters Adopt White House Language on ‘Charm Offensive,’ Much to CNN’s Chagrin

Hosts acknowledge the press regularly reports exactly what White House intends

CNN Panel Scoffs at Press Getting 'Manipulated' by Sequester Hype, Forgets CNN Did, Too (Newsbusters)

On Sunday's Reliable Sources, the CNN panel scoffed at the media for getting "manipulated" by the White House last week into hyping Obama's meetings with the GOP as a "charm offensive." CNN's own reporting shows that it played right into those talking points.

"I love how easily the press corps is manipulated," remarked The Washington Post's Dana Milbank. "So, the President takes a few senators out to dinner at the Jefferson Hotel and has lunch with Paul Ryan, and suddenly, he's reaching out and there's all these efforts to have kumbaya. He's had two meals."

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