Rubio: ‘I Signed a Pledge’ and I ‘Intend’ To Support the GOP Nominee

‘He deserves the opportunity to make his argument and try to win’

TAPPER: "You have raised concerns throughout the campaign, ones that you’re standing by, about his temperament andly views on trade policy, foreign policy. Would those reservations keep you of will-do they preclude you there endorsing him?"
RUBIO: "Well, I signed a pledge that said I would support the Republican nominee and intend to continue to do that. But here is the situation that we’re in. On the one hand I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the president of the United States. I don’t want her to win this election. On the other happened, as I said, I have well defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the Republican party. I intend to live up to the pledge that we made."

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