Herman Cain: Voters Appreciate Trump’s ‘Honesty and Integrity’

‘Every time he says something that might be considered funny, well, some people who is anti-Trump, they try to turn it into a frenzy and it simply is not working’

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Last night on Fox News's "The Kelly File," Herman Cain said the controversy over Donald Trump's low-brow rhetoric is overblown. Voters, the former 2012 candidate said, "appreciate his honesty and integrity and they appreciate his sense of rumor."

KELLY: “Ben, I know the other two points that you have raised in defense of this alliance is, number one Trump made alliance with Cruz himself which you’ve mentioned. And the third point is, you say Trump does not have the capacity to reign it in, to be sort of the more presidential version of himself that Manafort was suggesting to the party he can be. Why do you say that? Because Trump has — he has been controlling himself over the past few weeks. Wouldn’t you agree?”
SHAPIRO: “If this is Donald Trump controlling himself, I cannot wait to see what he looks like uncontrolled. I mean, he — it back from a spinal tap 11 to his spinal tap 10.5. Again, you just played a clip about five minutes ago of him talking about John Kasich eating pancakes and then yesterday at a rally, he did a full on impression of what he would look like if you were presidential. And he kind of staggered on the stage and did an impression of Hillary Clinton. Listen, it’s funny stuff. But is this the kind of stuff that people expects from a commander-in-chief? Is this the kind of stuff that makes delegates comfortable, to make him a commander-in-chief. I highly doubt that especially given the way that delegates are splitting right now. Delegates are splitting disproportionately against Trump which is surprising given the fact that Trump has basically threatened riots at the convention if they don’t give it to him.”
KELLY: “But Herman, do you think it his sense of humor that has got him in trouble with some of these groups or the more incendiary comments he has made that, you know, we all have heard about at this point.”
CAIN: “Here’s the thing, Donald Trump has not gotten himself in trouble being Donald Trump. And to talk about his tone, well, last time I checked, he is leading in delegates. He is favored to win all those primaries tomorrow and he might just pull it off and get 1,237 delegates. This game is a long way from over. So, all of this political noise about what Trump said, what he did, I think people appreciate two things. Many things in Donald Trump. Number one, they appreciate his honesty and integrity and they appreciate his sense of humor. But every time he says something that might be considered funny, well, some people who is anti-Trump, they try to turn it into a frenzy and it simply is not working.”

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