Cruz: It’s Liberal to Punish Companies Who Leave U.S. with Tariffs

‘That’s the same response Barack Obama and Hillary have’

Cruz: It's Liberal To Punish Companies Who Leave U.S. With Tariffs (RealClearPolitics)

In a radio interview Tuesday morning, Sen. Ted Cruz addresses the pact he has with Kasich to stay out of certain races the other has an advantage in. Cruz told Indianapolis host Tony Katz any talk of a "Cruz-Kasich" ticket is "premature."

Cruz was asked to comment on Donald Trump's threat to apply tariffs to products from companies that left America. Cruz on WIBC-AM:

"I don't think the people of Indiana are interesting in paying 40 percent more for everything you buy at the store, a massive 40 percent Donald Trump tax. That would put the economy into a recession. And beyond that if you ask Donald, as I have at debates, how do you bring jobs back, he has no idea. He has no answer. Other than, and he also says this with Carrier, that he is going to punish the companies that leave. Tony, that is a response of a big government liberal. That's the same response Barack Obama and Hillary have. We're going to use the power of government to punish anyone."

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