Sanders: If Elected, I Won’t Rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan & Instead Rebuild Communities Here

‘What I have learned in this campaign is if I get elected president, we are going to change national priorities’

SANDERS: "One of the extraordinary things about the experience of running for president is you learn just so, so and you meet so many extraordinary people. We have been — I have been obviously to Flint, Michigan and let me tell you something, I will never forget that experience as long as I live -- talking to a mother who described to me the breakdown of the cognitive capabilities of her daughter because her daughter was drinking poisoned water. And you ask yourself how that could possibly happen in the United States of America and you’ve heard me being critical of media more times than one, but I think people in America really don’t know not only what’s going on in Flint, Michigan, they don’t know that the Detroit public school system is on the verge of fiscal collapse, they don’t know in Baltimore, Maryland there are tens of thousands of heroine addicts, they don’t know in inner cities all over this country, people are paying 40, 50, 60% of their incomes because that’s are not enough affordable housing. People do not really know what’s going on in African-American communities where kids are suffering 40, 50, 60% rates of unemployment. What I have learned in this campaign is if I get elected president, we are going to change national priorities. We’re not going to rebuild communities in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re going to rebuild them in the United States of America."

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