Krauthammer: Trump ‘a Little Bit Confused’ About His Position on Abortion

His new stance ‘doesn’t square with what he said originally about punishing the woman’


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: "I give him credit. He might have been calculating politically. Just look can at that, I get the idea that that’s what he believes. There is a split even among conservatives, surely in the country as a whole on this issue, on the one hand, there is sort of a moral contradiction. If you believe that the life of the unborn is inviolable, why would it make any difference how that life came into existence. On the other hand, you have people like Kasich and others who represent a large number of conservatives who deeply believe in the pro-life side, who think that you can’t — you have to make exceptions almost as a kind of human mercy for the parent, the perspective mother. So I understand it is a split. I understand that he, being somebody, trump, who came out of an extremely high pro-choice part of the spectrum, would end up here. Although, it doesn’t square with what he said originally about punishing the woman. So he is a little bit confused on this. I would give credit for honesty on this and for taking a position that is not unreasonable in a terribly difficult moral choice."

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