Graham to Peter King: If I Can Get There with Cruz, You Can Too

‘We would miss Peter because he’s a good man’

BERMAN: “What’s your message to Peter King to perhaps keep him alive if it comes to that?”
GRAHAM: “One, we would miss Peter because he’s a good man. Don’t do that, Peter. The bottom line is I think Ted Cruz is a reliable Republican when it comes to judges. I have no idea what Trump’s judicial philosophy is. I think Ted Cruz is a good friend of Israel. I know that Donald Trump is not. I think he would repeal and replace ObamaCare using private sector replacement policies. Trump is all over the board. Ted Cruz is not my first choice. I think he will be competitive. I think Donald Trump will be a nightmare for the party for generations to come. So I would tell Peter, if I can get there with Ted, give it a shot.”

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