British Politico Creates Internet Video Telling Obama to Butt out of EU Debate

‘Imagine your citizens extradited without trial to Cuba’

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Today President Obama touches down in London, where he's expected to lobby Brits to remain members of the EU. But one British lawmaker is telling Obama to mind his own business.


Jonathan Arnott, a British member of the European Parliament, just created a video response to Obama called, "Imagine if the United States were in an Organization Like the European Union."

The video then asks for the United States to put itself into the UK's shoes, positing a series of "imagine if" questions.

"Imagine if a parliament in Guatemala routinely overrules the U.S. Congress," the video suggests. "Imagine your citizens extradited without trial to Cuba. Imagine your Supreme Court continually overruled by a court in Peru."

"Imagine if your taxes had to subsidize farmers in Argentina, and fishermen in Brazil, or build a metro system in Colombia," it continues. "Imagine you had a new flag, a new national anthem, and a new currency."

"Why are you trying to force this on us?" the video concludes. "The United Kingdom wants our freedom back."

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