David Limbaugh: Trump Camp Engaging in ‘Alinskyite’ Tactics Against Cruz

‘If he was aggravated it’s not at you it is at Donald Trump for recklessly misrepresenting that stealing and cheating is going on’

LIMBAUGH: "I am completely supportive of Ted Cruz. I don't think he was really mad, and I think it's more of a misunderstanding. If he was aggravated, it's not at you, it's at Donald Trump for recklessly misrepresenting that stealing and cheating is going on. This system has been in place for 150 years or more. In the states, we've had a hybrid of pure democracy. We have caucuses. We have primaries. And there has been no stealing going on. No one's complained about this before, and I think Lisa Boothe was correct when she said this was messaging. This is an Alinskyite tactic Trump is using to get Cruz off message. And his frustration, if he had any, was not at you but that since Iowa, Cruz -- Trump has been accusing him of being 'lyin' Ted' and he won't talk about the real issues. Cruz wants to get him in a debate where he can whip him fairly and squarely. He's going to these precincts and caucuses and courting these people and convincing him. But Trump accusing Cruz of cheating is also accusing the grass roots people, saying that party bosses have stolen this thing. These are grass roots people who have walked these precincts and worked hard all their life for conservative principles, and for Trump to say there's cheating going on, he's impugning them and he's undermining the election process!"


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