Jonah Goldberg: If Cruz Wins Indiana, ‘Very Difficult’ for Trump to Get to 1,237

‘I’m personally outraged that the way the system is rigged’

GOLDBERG: "Yeah, so it was obviously not only just a good night for Donald Trump, it was a better-than-expected night for Donald Trump. He got you know, five, ten more delegates than anyone thought he was going to expected him to get. That’s good for him. At the same time, he’s really not that much closer to 1237, according to most forecasts, because this victory was priced in. As is basically the Pennsylvania, and most of the northeast corridor contests are priced in to almost everybody’s forecast for what he needs to go forward. And that’s why everyone is looking at Indiana. Indiana, if Ted Cruz wins it, very difficult if not impossible for Donald Trump to get to 1237. If Donald Trump wins it, he’s on not quite a glide path, but a much more comfortable path to 1237. I do just want to say that I am, I’m personally outraged that the way the system is rigged. That Donald Trump only got 60% of the popular vote, but he gets 90% of the delegates. That’s a lot of people whose votes were just simply canceled out. I thought we believed in democracy."

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