Trump Jr. Mocks Farmers as Uncivilized

‘I feel like I’m in Communist China sometimes watching this stuff’

Trump Kid Likens GOP Election Process to 'Communist China' (The Weekly Standard)  

After a big win in his home state of New York, three of Donald Trump's children joined Fox News's Sean Hannity for an interview. Donald Trump Junior went on a rant after being asked a question by Hannity on Team Trump's inability to secure delegates.

Hannity said, "What do you make of all the issues of the last two weeks about delegates? For example, in states like Georgia, South Carolina, places that were kinda long forgotten...."

"Yeah. Well, it's amazing," said Trump Jr. "When you let the voters vote, we do incredibly well, you know? But when you try and suppress that, it's a different system. That system makes sense 200 years ago, Sean. 150 years ago, when people lived on a farm. They didn't have the Library of Congress in their fingertips on their iPhones. They didn't have access to information. It no longer does. We have to let the American people decide. I mean, it's actually a joke. I feel like I'm in Communist China sometimes watching this stuff. You know, it's crazy. When the American people get to vote, we win!"

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