Matthews: Might Future Republican Presidents Use Drones To Kill Political Enemies?

The MSNBC host wonders whether a Cheney-like president might take out a Jane Fonda type activist

Chris Matthews Worries That a 'Right-Wing Politician' 'Like Dick Cheney' Could Use Drones on His Enemies (Newsbusters)

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Thursday worried that a future "right-wing" politician "like Dick Cheney" might one day use drone strikes against his political enemies. The Hardball host was discussing Senator Rand Paul's filibuster on Wednesday and the subject that prompted it: Whether the U.S. has the right to use drones on Americans in a non-war situation.

Matthews wondered if "there is a possibility somewhere out there on the edge that a tough-- not going to say he did it-- but somebody pretty far on the far right like Dick Cheney...will push this thing too far?" The host fumed, "Do you think it's possible that a Jane Fonda could be targeted even by the most right-wing American politician we can imagine?"

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