DNC Press Secretary Refuses to Answer Questions About Clinton’s Emails

Sciutto: ‘Well, nice pivot to the Republican Party’s problems there, but on that issue of the email controversy, because this is something that feeds into a larger impression among voters’

DNC Press Secretary Refuses to Answer Questions About Clinton’s Emails, Twice (The Washington Free Beacon)

Democratic National Committee press secretary Mark Paustenbach refused two times to answer questions from CNN’s Jim Sciutto over Hillary Clinton’s continuing email scandal.

After playing a clip of Republican front-runner Donald Trump knocking Clinton and the Democratic Party over her emails, whether she will be prosecuted and calling Clinton a liar, Sciutto asked Paustenbach to respond to Trump’s criticism.

“How concerned are you, how concerned is the party that this cloud hangs over her campaign, presuming that she’s the nominee and into the general election?” Sciutto asked.

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