Eddie Glaude: Bill Clinton ‘Didn’t Tell the Truth’ About the 1994 Crime Bill

‘We know that the 1994 crime bill wasn’t the reason why crime was going down’

GLAUDE: "Right. And let’s be clear, President Clinton didn’t tell the truth, right. We know that the 1994 crime bill wasn’t the reason why crime was going down. We know that welfare reform -- in some ways welfare reform legislation actually increased extreme poverty, that 1.6 million households fell into extreme poverty as a result of that legislation in terms of the gaps, in terms of those who didn’t have work and there’s a sense in which his mea culpa the next day, right, he said 'I almost wanted to apologize' but then, right after that he said that, that we need to listen, the passionate plea, what did he say right after that? He went back to the very claim that now African-Americans think that they’re — the number one threat are police officers, but I knew when I signed that crime bill that the number one threat were these gang folk who were hopping up teenager, giving them guns to go out and kill other teenagers. That’s just the language that was used to justify the crime bill."

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