Coulter: Charlie Sykes ‘Is Suddenly the Star of MSNBC and CNN Once He Comes out Against Trump’

‘I’m what’s known as a Trump supporter; Banned’

COULTER: "Can we talk about policy? I’m pretty sure my guy Donald Trump is always going to win on policy. Like liberals, all platitudes, it’s not who we are, our character, he is mean. 

Again, back to who will build the wall, who will keep out dangerous immigrants, or actually give a crap about American workers.

Charlie Sykes — someone none of us have ever heard of— is suddenly the star of MSNBC and CNN once he comes out against Trump. You can’t turn on the TV without [seeing him]...

I’ve been right since —I’ll give it five days after— June 16, the Mexican rapists speech, it took me at least five days to think, wow he isn’t backing down. And I’m on the record...

I’ve been right from the beginning. Try to find me on TV. I’m what’s known as a Trump supporter. Banned."

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