Sanders Calls on Superdelegates to Vote for Him: We Need Democracy in the Dem Party

‘I think that superdelegates should listen to the will of their people’

COLBERT: “Why do you want the Democratic Party to be thrown into the kind of chaos you see on the Republican side where they will have a contested convention?”
SANDERS: “Well, I think two things. Number one, we have won six out of last seven caucuses most by a landslide and I think that superdelegates should listen to the will of their people. If you’ve got 60, 70, 80% of a vote in a state, you know what? I think superdelegates should vote for us.”
COLBERT: “Isn’t the purpose of the superdelegates of the party takes some control of the process? Don’t the Republicans just wish they had superdelegates right now?”
SANDERS: “Well, that may be. But I think what we need in the democratic party is some democracy -- "

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