Setmayer Slams Trump Fan: He’s Had Three Wives, Cheated; You Call that Integrity?

‘Words absolutely do matter ... and to dismiss what someone has to say is completely disingenuous’

CNN Commentator Slams Trump Supporter: He’s Had Three Wives, Cheated; You Call THAT Integrity (Mediaite)

CNN contributor Tara Setmayer, who in the past has never hidden her anti-Trump agenda, got into an impressive war of words with conservative commentator Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN Monday morning. I note “impressive” specifically to highlight Setmayer’s quotations from scripture off the top of her head in direct rebuttal to Hughes’ claims over the issue of Donald Trump‘s so-called war on woman.

The issue at hand was a simple one: how can Trump — the GOP frontrunner whose derisive rhetoric against woman in his past has sparked untold controversies on the campaign trail — be considered a role model to young women? Hughes proudly asserted that not only is Trump a positive leader for young females, but that she, in fact, would be taking her own eight-year-old niece to see Trump Tower because “I look at actions.”

“Wait a minute,” interjected CNN’s Carol Costello. “How do you explain to her these things that Donald Trump says about women?”

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