Wasserman Schultz: John Boehner Is Playing ‘Hide the Cheese’ on Immigration Reform

The DNC Chairwoman accuses Boehner of purposely making excuses to avoid having to move on immigration reform

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: “I think what he's playing is hide the cheese. I mean, what they are doing here is just trying to delay and draw this out and pretend that they are committed to the principles of comprehensive immigration reform. They released principles and President Obama has said, look that's great, there are things that we think and these principles we can work with where we're focused on making sure that we can find common ground with the Republicans on comprehensive immigration reform. But, you know, the day before yesterday, Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, said he doesn't think immigration reform is going to get done in 2014 at all. Today John Boehner is making excuses about why they are not going to make sure that they can pass legislation through the House of Representatives that addresses immigration reform in a comprehensive way. That sends a very clear message that they don't care about this issue, it's not a priority, and I think that's why we have enjoyed in part the support of Hispanic voters and the Democratic party will continue to because the Democratic party is focused on the top priorities that are important to the Hispanic community, making sure they can get the best educational opportunities that are possible so they can reach the middle class more quickly and comprehensively making sure that we focus on health care and access to health care that is quality and affordable, that's been accomplished in the Affordable Care Act which Republicans have pushed us -- have forced us to vote almost 50 times to repeal, and now making excuses and moving the cheese around to drag out whether or not we ever reach immigration reform, never mind whether that will be comprehensive.”

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