Obama Urges Castro to Take Question from ‘One of Our Most Esteemed Journalists,’ Andrea Mitchell

‘I’m sure she’d appreciate just a short brief answer’

MITCHELL: "President Castro --"
OBAMA: "Okay, now I'm done, but senor president, I think Andrea had a question. He did say he was only going to take one question, I was going to take two, but I leave it up to you if you will address that question. Andrea's -- she's one of our most esteemed journalists in America and I'm sure she'd appreciate just a short brief answer."
CASTRO: "Andrea."
MITCHELL: "Mr. President."
CASTRO: "The other day I asked a question to our foreign minister. Andrea. But there is a program here to be fulfilled. I know that if I stay here, you'll make 500 questions. I said I was going to answer one. Well, I'll answer one and a half. President Obama has already helped me out with the answer here, Andrea. Well, Andrea, I was reading here something I think about human rights, but I'm going to make the question to you now. There are -- there are 61 international instruments to recognize how many countries in the world comply with all the human rights and civil rights that have been included in these 61 instruments. What country copies with them all. Do you know how many? I do. None. None whatsoever. Some countries comply some rights, others comply others, and we are among these countries. Out of these 61 instruments, Cuba has complied with 47 of these human rights instruments. There are countries that may comply with more. Those that comply with less. I think human rights issues should not be poll politicized, that is correct. If that is the purpose, we will stay the same way. Like, for example, Cuba, that does not fulfill all the rights. Do you think there's any other more sacred right than the right to health? So that billions of children don't die just for the lack of a vaccine or a medicament?"

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