Tara Setmayer: Trump’s ‘Like a Child; He Can’t Help But Go out There and Insult People’

‘He can’t help but feed into some of the ugliness of what’s going on in this country, instead of being a positive figure’

HUGHES: "Whether it’s a strategy or not, Mr. Trump said it, and it’s between him and god whether or not he sticks by it."
WHITFIELD: "It seems like Donald Trump is willing to take great risks but at the same time, just when people cringe or think, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe he went there, it kind of drums up the supporter, cements the kind of support he’s getting. What in your view is happening here, whether it be in the field of conservativism, the Republican party, or is this a reflection of the sentiment of America?"
SETMAYER: "I think it’s a combination of all of those things. But what happens, unfortunately, is that Donald Trump knew how to tap into the anger of the American people and make them think that he’s their voice. He’s going to make the people pay, whoever — the aggrieved folks in America and why they’re angry, Donald Trump has convinced his supporters that he’s going to be the one that makes the other group pay for whatever. But unfortunately in that we have all of these other aspects of the Donald Trump candidacy that makes him wholly unqualified to be the president of the United States. The mere fact that we’re having a conversation where we have the Republican frontrunner questioning the faith of someone else who was a leader of the party in his home state is just another example of how Donald Trump is running a low-brow campaign. He’s like a child. He can’t help but go out there and insult people, he can’t help but feed into some of the ugliness of what’s going on in this country, instead of being a positive figure. And I think that is valid for many of us, conservatives like me, who look at Donald Trump and think, what would he do in the presidency? There has been nothing in his character, nothing in his past behavior that tells me he would be capable of being a competent president. Besides all of that, just character and decency make him wholly unqualified. Look what he does every day. What are we doing?"

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